Benckini Landscaping produces over 60 varieties of woody plants specifically grown for our own customers. Family owned, our nursery division takes pride in our 100 acre operation. With 60 years of expertise, We strive to grow plants that are of the highest quality and best value to our customers. Because our trees are grown locally and transplanted to close proximity to your job site, the savings is passed on to our customer. Also, our trees have the highest livability and survival rate since they are locally grown and accustomed to our climate. We always exceed the American Nurseryman Association specifications when transplanting by using a larger size tree spade.

We are able to provide our customers with more sizes and varieties because of our own nursery operation. With an appointment, we welcome our customers to inspect our wide variety of large plant material before installation. All our trees are inspected by the State of Pennsylvania – Department of Agriculture to be disease and insect free.

Varieties of plants grown:

  • Ash (Green, White)
  • Bloodgood Japanese Maple
  • Cherry (Accolade, Akebono, Autumnalis, Columnar, Dream Catcher, Kwanzen, Mt Fuji, Okame, Snow Fountain, Weeping, Yoshino)
  • Crimson King Maple
  • Elm (Accolade, Dynasty, Patriot)
  • Honey Locust (Skyline, Imperial)
  • Hornbeam
  • Linden (Greenspire)
  • London Planetree (Bloodgood, Exclamation)
  • Norway Maple
  • Oaks (Bur, Columnar English, English Pin, Red, Scarlet, Sawtooth, Swamp White)
  • Pacific Sunset Maple
  • Pear (Aristocrat, Chanticleer, Redspire)
  • Plum (Crimson Point, Krauter Vesuvius, Newport, Thundercould)
  • Red Maple (Armstiong, Autumn Blaze, Autumn Flame, Bowhall, brandywine, Celebration, Marmo,
  • October Glory, Red Sunset, Sienna Glen)
  • Sugar Maples (Commeration, Green Mountain, Legacy, Steeple)
  • Sweet Gum
  • Zelkova (Green Vase, Halka, Musashino, Village Green)